《再见 南屏晚钟》内地首映 // Premiere in Mainland China | “A Dog Barking at the Moon”

SHQFF春季特别展映,这头“泰迪熊”要你好看 / Teddy award-winning movie at the Berlin International Film Festival will be showcased at our SHQFF Spring Special Screening, in 2019.

2019年第69届柏林电影节,中国导演相梓执导的《再见 南屏晚钟》获泰迪熊奖评委会特别奖,并且作为唯一的华语片入围最佳长片处女作提名。邪教、同妻,加上两代人之间的隔阂,多重复杂元素让本片在今年柏林电影节展映后收获了国内外影迷及影人的大量讨论。

A Dog Barking at the Moon, filmed by the Chinese director Zi Xiang, won the ‘Teddy Awards’ Special Jury Award’ at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival in Germany, and was selected for ‘The Best First Feature Film’. The movie focuses on tongqi (straight wives of gay men), the concept of a cult as well as intergenerational misunderstandings. Following the movie’s screening at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, all these complex elements triggered various discussions between filmmakers and the audience.


This outstanding queer film will be showcased, for the first time in mainland China, at our 2019 SHQFF Spring Special Screening.


First awarded in 1987, the “Teddy Award“ honors films dealing with LGBT related topics. It is considered as one of the most influential queer films awards of the world.

《再见 南屏晚钟》剧情介绍 /A Dog Barking at the Moon Synopsis


Promising writer Huang Xiaoyu accompanied by her French husband, Benjamin, returns to her family to give birth to her child. She quickly finds herself caught up in the tensions opposing her mother Li Jiumei, indoctrinated into a cult, and her secretly homosexual father, Huang Tao.



Dating, getting married, bringing up children… At first sight, Huang Xiaoyu and her parents, Li Jiumei and Huang Tao, seem to live an ordinary and happy life. However, as time goes by, Li Jiumei becomes suspicious of her husband’s behaviors and wanderings. In her quest for answers, she kicks down a door behind which she catches her husband with his secret lover: a man. The truth revealed, life goes on, but confusion arises between the three family members. One thing is certain: the perfect family portrait has shattered into pieces.

导演介绍 / Introduction of the Director

相梓1987年生于北京,是一名导演,编剧,在电影制作之外,她还是一位小说/诗歌创作者。2010年相梓毕业于北京林业大学,后留学美国,攻读电影制作专业。取得艺术硕士文凭后,先后在洛杉矶和纽约从事相关工作,曾担任摄影助理,DIT和教学助理。与其校友侯赛沃尔保尔结婚后,搬到西班牙生活。婚后两人常一起制作纪录片和网络节目。她于2017年8月完成了《再见 南屏晚钟》的初稿,先后修改21次,于2018年6月拍摄该片,制作时间为18天,拍摄期间相梓怀有4个月身孕。本片是导演相梓的剧情长片处女作 .

Zi Xiang (相梓 Xiang Zi, born 2 December 1987 Beijing) is a Chinese film director and a screenwriter. She began her career in filmmaking in her senior year when studying Economics at Beijing Forestry University. Before shooting her first feature A Dog Barking At The Moon (Zai Jian Nan Ping Wan Zhong, 2018), she studied filmmaking in New York and worked as a camera assistant, DIT and teaching assistant in Los Angeles.

After marrying Jose Valero, her schoolmate and fellow filmmaker, she moved to Spain where they worked together on documentaries and webseries. She finished writing her first feature script in August 2017, and shot her film in June 2018 when she was 4 months pregnant with her second daughter.

She has also written short stories and poems on the side, publishing an independent poem collection, The Dogteeth of Postmodernism, in Spain (2013).


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