SHQFF 2020 招贤纳士 // SHQFF 2020 Volunteer Recruitment


A film festival is only as excellent as the team behind it. To guarantee you a brilliant SHQFF, we’re inviting talents from all over the world to work together and realize this show.

关于我们 // About Us


SHQFF, established in 2016, aims at enhancing relations between the queer community and the public through the spirit of films. Meanwhile, we are dedicated to building a platform for new filmmakers, especially Chinese and Asian filmmakers. We’ve successfully held three festivals since 2017.


As a non-profit community group, all of our staff are volunteers and all of the events are open to the public. Since we are now busy preparing for the 2020 film festival, we are in need of new volunteers. If you’d like to help us and support the queer community, now’s the best time to join us!

加入我们 // Join us

项目经理 // Project Manager




-Responsible for arranging the communication of different teams to keep all film festival projects on track

-Strong time management & communication skills required

-Project management experienced preferred

平面设计师 // Graphic Designer




-Responsible for designing and composing visual materials related to festival events and press releases

-Experienced at using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other related software

-Portfolio required

社交平台运营 // Social Platform Operator



-有一定的social media经验

-Responsible for strategizing, planning, and releasing content on social media (WeChat, Facebook, websites)

-Social media experience required

英文文案校对 // English Proofreader




-Responsible for editing and proofreading English content for social platforms

-Solid time management skills required

-Native English speakers and literature workers preferred

活动组织志愿者 // Event Organizer





-Responsible for site communications and planning/organizing events

– Negotiating/communicating/planning skills, experienced event organizers preferred

– Those with availability on weekday evenings and weekends are preferred

字幕组统筹 // Subtitle coordinator




-Responsible for coordinating the translation and subtitling of our films

-Good time management and communication skills required

-Experienced project manager/previous subtitling experience preferred

PR公共关系负责人 // Public Relations



-Responsible for communicating with brands/communities for cooperation and partnerships

-Experienced PR practitioners with resources preferred

短片单元协调员 // Short Video Section Coordinator



-In charge of maintaining and updating the short video recruiting platform, contacting filmmakers, and managing resources

-Those who work in film industry/film majors preferred


If interested, please send us an email at Remember to write your name/occupation/position applying for/work experience/talents/portfolio (if required) and anything you want to dazzle us with. SHQFF primarily uses Chinese as a working language, but some of the positions require bilingual skills. We are more than happy to have you join us!

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