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Shanghai Queer Film Festival is a new platform for queer cinema, exploring sexuality and expanding gender through screenings of some of the best new films from around the world. A space for filmmakers and audiences to meet, share and engage in what it means to be LGBTQIA.

SHQFF believes in better representation on screen. We seek a diverse and intersectional queer culture in cinema, the dissemination of ideas, dreams and love. We aim to provide filmmakers, especially those of Chinese and Asian backgrounds, with a platform to showcase their work and make their voices heard. Our industry outreach, including panels discussions and networking helps you to take your film further and bring you closer to audiences.

SHQFF is a completely volunteer-run and not-for-profit community event. Events are free and open to all, and we strive to create open and safe discussion spaces for deep engagement with the films and issues. A week of culture, engagement and celebration. We dance to the beat of the screen.