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9/16 | Opening Night: Seeking Asian

Supported by Consulate General of Canada

TIME: 17:30

VENUE:Shanghai Vancouver Film School Screening Room 406 (Teaching Building No. 1, 149 Yanchang Road)


On the opening day, SHQFF is awarding the winners of 2017 SHQFF short film competition, Best Film of the year will be screened.

Opening films are two films by Canadian director Richard Fung—《Orientations: Lesbians and Gay Asians&Re: Orientations》Focusing on Asian lesbians and gays in Canada, the first film is shot in 1986 and the sequel in 2016, after 30 years.

In response to the dominant impression that gay people are white people, Orientations aims to set the record straight on homosexual identity. Men and women of different Asian backgrounds speak frankly, humorously, and often poignantly about their lives as members of a minority within a minority.

Re:Orientations revisits seven of the original participants , the audience has a fascinating look into the lives and thoughts of seven queer pan-Asian Canadians as they look back on a 1986 documentary in which they featured. How have they changed? And how has the world around them evolved and changed?

Director Richard Fung will be attending the event for an Q&A session after the screening.

Opening Films:


  • Orientations: Lesbians and Gay Asians

Richard Fung, 1986, 58min, Canada

  • Re: Orientations

Richard Fung, 2016, 68min, Canada


Film Language:English

Sub Language:Chinese/English


Richard Fung

Richard Fung is an award-winning filmmaker/video artist and writer, born in Trinidad and based in Toronto. His works on his own family history, on sexuality and race in Canada, the Indian diaspora in the Caribbean, and Israel/Palestine, have been widely exhibited and collected internationally. His writing includes the book 13: Conversations on Art and Cultural Race Politics as well as numerous journal and magazine articles. In 1980, Richard co-founded Gay Asians Toronto, the first ethnic-specific LGBT group in Canada and in 1990, the Gay Asian AIDS Project. Richard is a professor in the Faculty of Art at OCAD University.


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