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2017 Jury

The SHQFF Short Film Competition, launched by Shanghai Queer Film Festival, focuses on Asia, the competition only accept films that focus on LGBTQIA subjects either in ASIA or as experienced by ASIAN characters (‘Asian’ may be interpreted as national, cultural or ethnic identity).

SHQFF strives to using film to tell LGBTQ stories in order to reveal an abundance of queer Asian characters, encourage discussion on queer culture in the East, and represent the diversity of love and freedom; and to set up a platform to help Asian filmmakers, especially those from China, to promote outstanding queer cinema.

Franck Finance-Madureira

Franck Finance-Madureira is a French film journalist based in Paris.

He’s the editor-in-chief of FrenchMania, a webzine dedicated to introducing and critiquing cinema and TV series through the eyes of a Francophone. He has worked with several magazines(e.g., Têtu,…) and online platforms on cinema-related articles and interviews. He is one of the critics featured on a TV program on motion-picture review in France (Le Cercle, Canal+). He also contributes regularly as a journalist or a critic in TV broadcasts about cinema for Canal+ (Top of the shortsLa Nuit la plus courts, etc.).

In 2010, he created the Queer Palm, an independently sponsored LGBTQI award attached to the Cannes Film Festival, which aimed to become the “most open-minded movie award”. The Queer Palm jury has since had a dazzling array of artists as presidents : Bruce LaBruce, João Pedro Rodrigues, Desiree Akhavan, Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau, and this year’s Travis Mathews.

Franck is also a casting director and is currently slated to direct his first short film very soon.

Zhang Yaxuan

Zhang Yaxuan is a film critic and film festival curator, working primarily in the field of creative visual media. She co-published books such as Private Filmmaking: A Study on DVHometown Trilogy: The Movies of Jia ZhangkeThe Film + Series, and etc. Since planning the first China Independent Film Festival in 2001, she has been involved with  the creation of a number of film festivals both domestically and abroad, constantly striving to promote better environments and opportunities for Chinese independent cinema. In addition, she recently completed the film A Disappearance Foretold with Olivier Meys, and served as a co-producer on the film Bing Ai

Zhang Yongning

Zhang Yongning is a film producer, director, and actor. He produced the acclaimed queer film Lan Yu, which won five prizes including Best Director and Best Actor at the 2001 Taiwan Golden Horse Award, was named Best Chinese Feature at the Golden Bauhinia Award in Hong Kong, and won Best Film at the India International Film Festival in New Delhi. He produced the film Magnolia, an adaptation of Pai Hsien-yung’s TV drama series with the same name, and the film Drifters, directed by Wang Xiaoshuai. He has also produced several TV documentaries for BBC, PBS, CBC, the Discovery channel, and other media platforms.


Shitou is an artist working in 2D visual art and documentary-making, an activist majorly involved with LGBTQI social movements in China, and the co-director of China Queer Independent Films (CQIF). CQIF is devoted to promoting Chinese independent queer films, organizing screenings and events around the country. It aims to challenge the gross under-representation of the queer community in Chinese main-stream media, fighting for gender equality and self-expression. Shitou also starred in the film Fish and Elephant as one of the main characters.

Wu Wei

Wu Wei is a screenwriter and actor. He previously served as director Lou Ye’s script script advisor, helping write and starring in Spring Fever (2009), which went on to win Best Screenplay at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival. He is also the founder of Shanghai Qingmu Film Studio.



Xiao Tie

Xiao Tie is the Co-founder of China Women’s Film Festival. She also serves as the director of Beijing LGBT Center, an organization dedicated to promoting feminism, LGBTQIA rights and other intersectional social movements.



Hengqi Guo

Hengqi Guo is a documentary film director and film editor. He is known for his films The Temple, and New Castle, which won Best Documentary at the 15th Busan International Film Festival. He also worked on A Journal of Crude OilLotus, and Loss as a film editor.



Kai Yin

Kai Yin, better known by his pen name “Nine files hit the wall”, is a Doctor of Film Production at Sorbonne University in Paris. He co-created Movie & Drama Weekly, a famed publication on screen culture review, in the 1990s. He has written numerous professional film reviews and industry analysis for various media platforms in the past 20 years. He was a jury member of the 2015 First International Film Festival, and he also worked    as a programmer for Shanghai Film Festival in 2016 and 2017.