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2017 Selected Films

The SHQFF Short Film Competition, launched by Shanghai Queer Film Festival, focuses on Asia, the competition only accept films that focus on LGBTQIA subjects either in ASIA or as experienced by ASIAN characters (‘Asian’ may be interpreted as national, cultural or ethnic identity).

SHQFF strives to using film to tell LGBTQ stories in order to reveal an abundance of queer Asian characters, encourage discussion on queer culture in the East, and represent the diversity of love and freedom; and to set up a platform to help Asian filmmakers, especially those from China, to promote outstanding queer cinema.


A Trip to the Desert

Nizan LOTEMLior HAENIsrael

Three best friends take a trip to the desert, and their friendship is put to the test. Lior, who is openly gay, and religious Jew Elad, suddenly have to face each other’s life choices. And Yossi – Where the hell is Yossi?





Blooming Night

Bell ZHONG China

The 20-year-old unemployed man Bell accidentally sees a glimpse of red in a underpass – a pair of high heels. Following the steps of the heels, Bell enters a back-alley club. While he blends with a group of people that he’s not familiar with, the secret of the red shoes is gradually uncovered. His hidden desire is slowly ignited.




Chromosome Sweetheart

Honami YANOJapan

An ex-couple in a café, a girl sucking on her girlfriend’s hair, a running woman, a fleeing town, a little girl walking along the river. In this world, there are as many forms of love as there are people.






Kaj PALANCAJared JOVENPhilippines

The viewing of a dated clip of a young boy brings about the remnants of an old man’s forgotten past. In an attempt to gather his memories, the old man begins to recognize, with the help of the young boy, the truth of his internal life.






ZHANG Han / CHEN CongHongKong

Born as a “he”, Ruby is he as in she. Painting her eyes and eyebrows, the transgender Ruby is creating the perfect illusion of her own self. But can she paint her life to be better? Can she paint over the void in her heart? Can she paint herself an easier road in life? This is more than just a documentary of a transgender girl in HongKong, it is also an interrogation of all of us.




Horseshoe Theory

Jonathan Daniel BROWNUnited States

A weapons deal between a white supremacist and a member of the Islamic State blossoms into something more.







Replacing dialogues with dances and interpretive movements in stylized lightning and abstract visuals, this experimental visual short film tells a story between an emotionally repressed father and his son who struggles with his sexuality.






Siddharth CHAUHANIndia

A young boy learns about a technique of trapping birds from his old grandmother and starts practicing it.







Starr WUTaiwan

Gay saunas in Taipei are often searched by the police and customers feel very harassed.  What do people think about gay saunas?





Smokers Die Slowly Together

ZHENG LU XinyuanUnited States

Alina and Lily are a lesbian couple. This afternoon, Alina is moving out with her boyfriend. They wait for him to arrive and they talk about the past.





Sodom’s Cat

HUANG Ting-Chun Taiwan

On a sunny day, a young boy arrives at the sex orgy he signed up for on a dating app. But even while exploring sexual pleasures with four other men, he still feels disengaged. After the gate of Sodom has been opened, how real can this kind of passion be? Will he leave with satisfaction, or with a bigger void in his heart?




The Loneliness of Number Two

Javad SOTOODEHNIAIslamic Republic of Iran

Morteza finds out his roommate, Abbas, wants to commit suicide. Abbas is transsexual and lives in a hard situation. Morteza tries to stop him, but then Abbas makes a strange decision.





The Migrant Mixtape

Eli Jean TAHCHICanada

Adib Mardini, an Arab refugee in Canada, recounts the process of how he was able to escape persecution with many other LGBT individuals by sending the Migrant Mixtape to Helem Montreal.





The Serpent’s Song

Nuntanat DUANGTISARNThailand

At a secret monastery located in a rural area of Thailand, a music teacher is trying to help a young nun to be able to speak again.







Caroline Mariko STUCKYUnited States

Jo is an outgoing, liberated second generation Chinese-American girl who begins a passionate romance with Helen. Since long before dating Helen, Jo has been extravagantly out and on the scene as a lesbian, but crisis unfolds when she reveals a secret. Helen can’t swallow the news and suddenly mistrusts Jo’s intentions and fidelity.