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2018 Submission

About Short Film Competition

The Short Film Competition was created to showcase new and emerging filmmakers, especially those from Asia.

As an integral part of 2017 first edition of the festival, we collected over 800 works from over 60 countries and regions. The 15 finalists that we presented last September got a strong response from our audiences.

It is our hope that we fully represent Asian films on screen, increasing the diversity of the festival while reserving the focus on Asian queer films. This will provide a platform to all participating filmmakers both in Asia and world at large and bring more premium content to our local audience.

2018 Short Film Section

For 2018 SHQFF, Short Film Competition has changed its name to Short Film Section, which has two categories: Asian Short Film Competition and World Short Film Screening.

This year, the Asian Short Film Competition will offer six awards: Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Grand Jury Award.

Selected films of the World Short Film Screening will not be judged nor awarded, but instead will be screened as part of our official selection during the festival.

How To Submit

1. Submit via FilmFreeway:

2. Submit via our website:

Please click here to submit on our website, you will be directed to read the guidelines and fill out information, then pay the submission fee to finish your submission.