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Official Merchandises



SHQFF exclusive merchandise are here! Click onHere’ to place your order at our WeiDian store. 

All items will also be available to purchase at our events.


△ SHQFF  环保袋(正反面)

SHQFF Tote Bag  


△ SHQFF T-Shirt (黑/白)

   T-shirt (Black/White)



△ SHQFF 打火机(正反面)




△ SHQFF  笔记本 (条纹款/logo款)

 Notebook (stripe/logo)



△ SHQFF  酷儿影卡(共6张)

Queer Cinema Cards (6 pcs)


△ 酷儿影卡环保袋(天鹅绒金矿)

Queer Cinema Tote Bag(Velvet Goldmine)



△ 酷儿影卡环保袋(摇滚芭比)

Queer Cinema Tote Bag (Hedwig and the Angry Inch)



△ 酷儿影卡环保袋(春光乍泄)

Queer Cinema Tote Bag (Happy Together)



△ 酷儿影卡环保袋(阿黛尔的生活)

Queer Cinema Tote Bag (Blue is the Warmest Color)



△ 酷儿影卡环保袋(月光男孩)

Queer Cinema Tote Bag (Moonlight)




△ SHQFF 2017主视觉环保袋(蓝/粉)

2017 SHQFF Key Visual Tote Bag  ¥38